How to Pay Down Debt With Barter

Really, it CAN happen! Did you borrow money from a friend or relative and need to pay it back but just simply do not have the funds to do it? Whether your debt is large or small bartering works.

What do you have that they might need? For instance you may have a bicycle that you don’t ride anymore and they need one for their children…just ask, the most they can say is no and thats ok! Maybe you have an old vehicle and they have a young adult just getting their drivers license…PERFECT!

Do you paint? Can you clean? How about lawn work? There are so many ways you can use the barter system to pay your debts and everyone wins!

Good Luck!

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Latest and Greatest on

Wow, there are so many great new listings on TradeAway! The most exciting to me is Motor World, so we will start there.

Here we have two totally awesome Hot Rod Cars. They will really turn some heads! Now, they are most likely made for a race track but how fun would it be to race them through the fields or on some windy dirt country roads. Making sure of coarse that you have permission from the field owner first to race it through their fields…I bet if you offer to let them have a turn you would almost certainly get permission!! :) That would be a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, don’t ya think??

And for your travel needs………Just listed is this GREAT Winnebago Adventure 38G9 39′. Oh, how would I just love to grab this listing up and take a ride to Florida this holiday season! Talk about traveling in style!!

There are so many more RV’s listed on Motor World, you should really check them out! Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

How many of you need a new vehicle to drive out there! Well, take a look at all the cars and trucks. There are off road, SUV’s, cars, trucks, motorcycles, you name it and it is listed. Just click this link and you will be able to see for yourself how great Motor World is!


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TradeAway WILL Work for You!!

How can TradeAway work for you?

1. List Your Items – When you list your items on TradeAway, they will show up on the new listing sections first page until you there are 50 listings behind yours.

You are able to put your listing in three different categories at no charge or you can pay a small fee to add your item into more categories which will make it come up in more searches on the site.

We allow you 5 pictures per listing at no charge. It is always a good idea to have pictures with your listing because more people will click on it and actually read your ad if there is one. If they like what they see, they will click on it, you will get more traffic to your listing and chances are you will not have it listed as long as someone who lists without a photograph.

2. Have a wish list attached to your listing. When you have a wish list, it is easier for someone who is looking at your listing to make offers to you because it takes the wonder out of it. They can also get a good feel of what you may want or need as they might not have exactly what you are looking for but will still make an offer with what they have.

3. Make offers – Making a lot of offers will help get your product “out the door” quicker!! People will see what you have and even if they do not accept your offer for the original item, they might suggest bartering for something else you have. The more offers you make the more your listings are “seen” and the faster you will move them.

As always, our customer service crew are standing by for any questions and are ready to help when and if you need it. Send us your questions at

Happy Trading!!


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Your Barter Transaction Not Going as Planned?

What do you do when your barter transaction doesn’t go as planned or turns sour? Well, the first thing is to not panic. Remember that people are busy and that maybe there is something happening you don’t know that is stalling the transaction. The key to successful barter is to communicate. Call up and ask what is going on (politely) and ask if there is any way you can help the transaction move forward.

Who knows, maybe the other party is having reservations about the transaction. Feel them out and get everyone on the right track again. By calling them it will show that you are serious about the trade.

Sometimes however, if it is not going as planned because you seem like you are getting the short end of the stick it may be better to back out if you can. But remember that word travels fast and it is your good name on the line so be sure that if you do back out you have a valid reason and do it with dignity and respect.

Happy Trading!

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Barter For Your Travel Needs!

People often ask – Is it possible to barter homes for vacation purposes? The answer is absolutely! This is how it works.

Getting Started

  • Make a wish list of places you would like to go
  • List several possible dates – This will also be the dates you can advertise your home to be available.
  • Try to be very flexible, this will help the house swap actually happen.
  • Do NOT book any flights until everything is finalized for certain!!

So, lets continue.

Give yourself at least 4-6 months to set up the transaction! It is important that you keep your expectations “real”. The first time you do a house swap will take a long time because you haven’t done it before and you don’t have the experience behind you. So be patient!

Once you know where you would like to go, list your home on TradeAway and make sure you have a very detailed listing. It could go something like this:

Title: Beautiful home in Salem WI for Vacation Swap

We are looking to travel to Italy and need a place to stay. You stay in our home during that time. Our home sleeps 12 comfortably, some of that is pull out couches in living rooms and we have 2 full baths with 1 half bath. We are centrally located between Milwaukee WI (45min) and Chicago IL (1-1/2hr). Lake Geneva is also a wonderful place to spend time and that is only 20 minutes from our home. We have an acre fenced in yard with a fire pit in the back. Deck with benches all the way around and two picnic tables. We have WiFi, cable TV, Jeep that sits 5 and a car that also sits 5. You provide insurance.

Our home is not small child friendly but we can try to put breakable things away if need be. We do have 1 pack n play available but no crib. Please do not smoke in the house but feel free to smoke outside on the deck.

We have several close by attractions (give links to them) that are fun for the whole family.

We have several dates to choose from but really, our schedule is open so if you are interested, so please let us know if you think this is a fit for your vacation wishes.

Don’t forget to fill the wish list section at the bottom of the listing. Be specific as to what you are looking for.

Then when someone contacts you the fun begins!

Set ground rules and expect to spend lots of time on the phone and/or emailing to set up the trade. Clear out a few closets and drawers for them to use and make sure they know if they can eat food in the freezer or fridge. If not let them know where the closest store is. Should do that anyway.

Give them a list of people to call if things go wrong and for heavens sake let your family and neighbors know that someone will be staying in your home while you are gone. This will avoid many possible problems. Leave a homeowners guide with numbers for them to call if need be.

Provide maps and lists of places close by that they can go like restaurants, pharmacies, attractions and such.

What about the pets. Do you need to board them or are you swapping pet care too. The possibilities are endless.

Time to plan your next vacation!

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Is Barter For Me?

Is barter for you? We hope your answer to that question is absolutely! Just in case you are still wondering, here is a little quiz for you to take.

Is your garage/house/office clutter free?

Do you need something you can’t afford to purchase with cash?

Do you want something you shouldn’t purchase with cash?

Do you own things you don’t want or use anymore?

If your answer is yes to one of these barter could be for you. If you answered yes to more than one of these questions barter is definitely for you!! So, why not start out on

Use each one of these questions as a guide and list the answers under each question as to what you want, can’t afford to pay cash for (or just don’t want to pay cash), list the things you have but don’t need. De-cluttering your home/office will make you feel so much better! Look in closets, boxes and cupboards not used often.

Here is a video on YouTube that I found on someone who barters quite a bit.

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Teach Your Kids to Barter

No Money? No Problem!When I first started thinking a lot about barter the first thing I did was get on line and look for books on barter. Well, I came across this book on Amazon that was called No Money, No Problem. It didn’t have a great description but it was categorized in the barter section and I liked the title so I bought it. When it came I was so excited and opened the box to find a children’s book on barter. Well, that was fitting I guess as I was just getting started in barter. So, quickly opened the book and started reading it.

Amy and Matt are the main characters in the story. Amy is looking in the store window and see’s a video game she wants. Matt comes up and  says, “You know I have 2 of them   both sets of grandparents bought me one”. Matt told her he would sell it to her for a good price. So, she goes home, dumps out her piggy bank and finds out she only has 52 cents. :(

Meanwhile her brother comes up to her room and says that their mother wants her to come down to watch a show. Guess what??? It is on the BARTER SYSTEM!!! This is a major light bulb moment for her. She asks her friend if he will trade with her instead.

This is where it gets good!

She had to now learn how to barter and finds things in her room, goes around to see who wants what she has and barters with them. She barters all the way up to a skate board and trades that for the game she wants.

Now, it doesn’t stop there. Amy finds out she loves to barter and misses it so she makes it a part of her daily life. Best part is she learns that you don’t have to have money to get what you want.

Great book! You can buy it on Just search No Money? No Problem! By Lori Haskins

Let’s teach those kids to barter!

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Pictures on Barter Listings – Why?

It is so important to add pictures to your listings! Why, you ask?

Which would you look at:

This – Miller Genuine Draft Sign – I have a Miller Genuine Draft sign that I am willing to trade or sell. This would look great in a bar, garage, basement, dorm room or anywhere where beer is loved! Email me and let me know what you are willing to trade for this great decorative sign! Thanks for looking!


This – Miller Genuine Draft Sign – I have a Miller Genuine Draft sign that I am willing to trade or sell. This would look great in a bar, garage, basement, dorm room or anywhere where beer is loved! Email me and let me know what you are willing to trade for this great decorative sign! Thanks for looking!

My guess is you would first click on the listing with the picture. In fact, most people just skip over listings with no pictures. So, if you are in a hurry to trade off your item, don’t forget to add several pictures, a good description and it’s a good idea to reply in a timely manner to your TradeMails.

Please let us know if you have any questions about how to add photographs to your listings and thanks so much for using TradeAway!

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Happy Birthday America!


TradeAway would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Independence Day!

We claimed our independence from Britain on July 4, 1776, this is when Democracy was born. Every day thousands on people leave their homeland and come to the “land of the free and the home of the brave” to start an American Dream.

Our great country is a diverse nation of vibrant people. On July 4th, Americans celebrate freedom & independence with barbecues, picnics, and family gatherings.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands. One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


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What I Have Learned from The Barter Kings

How many of you have watched that new show on A & E called The Barter Kings? I haven’t missed an episode yet! Man, these guys really know how to trade! Lots of times people ask them to bring in some cash from the deal and they NEVER do! That is not what trading is all about. The main point is everyone gets a good deal. However, their focus is on trading up. They keep looking for the right person who NEEDS what they have and who HAS what they want. Sometimes that takes time, patients and a few trades to make it happen.

Why not try trading up on TradeAway? Just the other day, I made a trade for a set of books I wanted and feel that we both got a super deal! I had a marketing text book from school, it was very expensive BUT I found a set of books on TradeAway that were about publishing books. I knew my Dad was writing a book so I figured we really NEEDED these books. A few TradeMails later we had a trade. My marketing book was more expensive than the publishing books BUT it was just sitting there collecting dust, I had tried selling it several times before and failed. We needed these books so in my eyes, it was a good and even trade.

Do you have any trading stories to share?

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